Dagmar Becker, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer, Energy & Environment – Alabama

P: 205-917-0452


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Dagmar Becker, Ph.D., leads the Front-of-the-Meter Energy Storage Testing program in Birmingham. She provides third-party testing services and consulting services for the Energy Industry. Becker has 10 years of experience working in capacities ranging from R&D to engineering and manufacturing of energy storage devices and systems.

Prior to joining Southern Research, Becker was a lead scientist at Primus Power in Hayward, California. In this position, she was responsible for the formulation of high-performance flow battery electrolyte and single-cell testing of novel flow battery components. She also oversaw quality control and scale-up of electrolyte manufacturing for Zinc-Bromine flow batteries. During her time at Primus Power, her team was awarded a $3 million ARPA-E grant for development and scale-up of a minimal architecture Zinc-Bromine flow battery.

Becker also worked as a battery test engineer at Robert Bosch North America LLC in Palo Alto, California for six years, evaluating industrial battery technologies ranging from lead-acid and sodium high temperature batteries to redox flow batteries and to several Lithium ion battery technologies. She has developed a technology-agnostic test protocol for the evaluation of performance and durability characteristics of stationary energy storage systems in 2012, before standardized test protocols for stationary batteries became available in the industry.

Her scientific record includes peer-reviewed publications and presentations on a wide range of topics, from small molecule synthesis over heterogeneous transition metal catalysis to performance metrics of energy storage systems.

Becker received a Diploma in Chemistry from Kiel University as well as a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Braunschweig University of Technology, both in Germany.