Larry Bratton

Scientist III

P: 205-581-2931


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Larry Bratton earned his Master’s of Science in Organic Chemistry from Texas Tech University under Professor Richard Bartsch where he prepared several crown compounds for extraction of heavy metals from waste water.  He has more than 24 years of research experience in process, organic, and medicinal chemistry designing and synthesizing polymers, natural products, prostaglandins, and various heterocycles as new candidates for drugs, tools for biological research, and forensic science.

Prior to joining Southern Research, Bratton worked for several pharmaceutical companies conducting research in therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, inflammation, CNS, allergy, and, dermatology.  A few research projects that he was engaged in involved the preparation of dual NK1/H1 antagonists for treatment of Allergic Rhinitis, inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase to lower LDL cholesterol, and PPAR-beta agonists for raising HDL cholesterol and lowering triglycerides.  In the therapeutic area of dermatology, Bratton has received several Pfizer recognition awards for his work in delivery of drugs as preclinical candidates and for alternative synthetic route discovery.  A few examples include; an activin-like kinase-5 (ALK5) inhibitor for treatment of dermal scarring, an estrogen agonist (replacement of Estradiol) for enhancing skin elasticity, and an androgen agonist for treating acne.

Bratton is a primary author on six peer-reviewed scientific publications, a co-author on nine scientific publications, and a co-inventor on 15 issued US Patents.