Anticancer Efficacy Services

Since its founding in 1941, Southern Research has evaluated approximately half of all FDA-approved anticancer drugs currently on the market for patients. Our cancer therapeutics professionals have evaluated hundreds of compounds each year to establish the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of potential anticancer drugs. Our experience with numerous commercial and government clients, including the National Cancer Institute, enables us to design optimal studies that provide critical preclinical anticancer efficacy data for our clients' drug development programs and regulatory applications. Southern Research has evaluated standard chemotherapeutic agents against multiple human xenograft models and has performed preclinical efficacy studies with immuno-oncology therapeutics in mouse syngeneic model systems.

Key Capabilities

• Genetically characterized cell lines
• 3D cell culture models
• xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzer for label-free assays
• Cell-cycle analysis
• Apoptosis measurements
• Colony formation assays
• Invasion and migration assays
• Angiogenesis assays
• Custom assay and method development
• Transient or continuous treatment protocols for in vitro and in vivo studies
• Irradiation capabilities for in vitro and in vivo studies
• Combination cytotoxicity studies including radiosensitization
• Sequencing and scheduling for in vitro and in vivo studies
• Protein and gene expression
• Large capacity for nude, SCID, and immunocompetent mice
• Direct contact with the principal scientists

How To Work With Us

As a CRO service provider, Southern Research’s Drug Development division has a straightforward business model. Contact our business development representative by clicking here. A confidentiality disclosure agreement will be initiated (your agreement or ours) to facilitate detailed discussions around your specific needs. One of our subject matter experts will be brought into the discussion to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your project. A proposal will then be prepared, outlining the tasks to be accomplished, along with a budget and timeline. Upon acceptance of the proposal, a contract will be provided to establish the legal framework for the project.