Southern Research

At Southern Research, we believe in fostering the next generation of scientists. Our STEM Education Outreach program offers a variety of STEM experiences for K-12 students and educators across Alabama.


Our mission is to prime a talented future workforce and invest in the growing STEM ecosystem by empowering students, educators, and communities. As a force for innovation, we are fostering the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs by providing a unique blend of meaningful real-world experiences that ignite a passion for discovery. We are committed to driving positive change in our world by promoting science, engineering, and entrepreneurship through education and research. Our goal is to bridge the gap between knowledge and opportunity, empowering the next generation of scientific leaders. By investing in our future workforce and the Alabama STEM ecosystem, we seek to create a more inclusive and equitable society that is driven by innovation.


Breaking Barriers to Move Science

2022 will be remembered for the nonstop whirlwind of educational outreach experiences we hosted on our campus and across the state and the significant investments we made in our youth and educators — investments that advance our mission of moving science, priming a talented future workforce, and growing STEM ecosystems throughout Alabama and beyond. Yet another hallmark of the year is our continued success in making STEM programs appealing and accessible to all students, especially those who may once have believed STEM careers were beyond their reach. Read more on how we're breaking barriers to move science in our Year in Review: Fiscal Year 2022 report.

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