Infectious Disease Vaccines and Therapeutics Testing Services

Southern Research can assist you in preclinical drug development of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, vaccines, and topical microbiocides, delivering the highest quality, full-service contract research to support the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. SR was the first laboratory to offer GLP-compliant testing of vaccines for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and has supported numerous clinical trials in our serology group. SR scientists have conducted major international screening programs for tuberculosis, SARS, hepatitis, HIV, dengue and influenza, including HPAI. Our scientists are experienced in animal model efficacy testing and our facilities have capability in aerobiology and BSL3 containment.

We are a recognized expert in infectious disease biology and pathogenesis.
Our experienced scientists add value to your programs by:

Designing and developing new assays
to deliver decision-making data

Integrating our capabilities seamlessly into
your discovery and development programs

Providing key drug development information
and advice to accelerate your programs

Experience with a Wide Variety of Pathogens

• Influenza viruses (seasonal, HPAI)
• Dengue
• Zika
• Hepatitis B/C
• Pox viruses
• Herpes viruses
• Hantavirus
• Other respiratory and enteric viruses
• Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
• TB (including multi-drug resistant)
• Anthrax
• Francisella tularensis
• Other bacterial and fungal pathogens
• Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria


• Anatomic pathology
• Clinical pathology
• High-speed cell sorting/flow cytometry
• Bacterial identification and culture
• Antimicrobial susceptibility testing: MIC/MBC
• Biofilm inhibition testing
• Hemagglutination inhibition (high throughput capability)
• Microneutralization (high throughput capability)
• Virus purification and characterization
• Reagent development
• Quantitative PCR
• Immunologic assays
• Custom assays


• We offer up to and including A/BSL-3 laboratories for work with Risk Group 1, 2 and 3 biological agents
• BSL-3 Bioaerosol Science and Aerosol Inhalation

In Vitro Programs

• Compound screening
• Target selection
• Mechanism of action
• Infectious disease research
• Immunologic/seriologic testing
• Virologic studies
• Bacteriologic studies
• Drug resistance
• Topical microbicide screening
• Disinfectant/antiseptic testing

In Vivo Programs

• Animal models – murine, porcine, canine, rabbit, ferret, NHP, and others upon request
• Efficacy testing of vaccines and therapeutics
• Pathogenesis
• Topical microbiocide testing
• Aerosol delivery of pathogens and/or treatments

Clinical Trial Support

Available via the most advanced technologies to help meet your therapeutic/vaccine clinical trial requirements and monitor the effect of your candidate by:

• Quantitative PCR
• Serotyping
• Genotyping
• Immunogenicity studies

How To Work With Us

As a CRO service provider, Southern Research’s Drug Development division has a straightforward business model. Contact our business development representative by clicking here. A confidentiality disclosure agreement will be initiated (your agreement or ours) to facilitate detailed discussions around your specific needs. One of our subject matter experts will be brought into the discussion to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your project. A proposal will then be prepared, outlining the tasks to be accomplished, along with a budget and timeline. Upon acceptance of the proposal, a contract will be provided to establish the legal framework for the project.