Military Veteran Recruitment

We Hold Your Service in High Regard.

Southern Research values the immeasurable contributions military veterans and their family members have made to our nation. As a military veteran, the dedication, work ethic, discipline, leadership skills, and technical knowledge you displayed during your military career are important qualities that are highly sought in the civilian workforce. Southern Research actively supports the hiring of returning service members, and we prioritize veterans in our hiring practices. As such, we have many employees with military backgrounds who work at several of our locations. Southern Research offers a range of opportunities in various areas of our company that are well-matched to the skills and abilities of individuals with military service. We currently utilize the following Web sites to recruit and hire individuals from the military :    VetSuccess  |  Hero2Hired  |  Wounded Warrior .

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If you are a military veteran and would like information about career opportunities at Southern Research or need assistance with the employment process, please visit our Job Listings page.

Insight from Military Veteran Employees at Southern Research

“During my transition from the U.S.Army to the civilian sector in 2008, I researched several organizations that I felt could utilize the expertise I gained through military service and provide opportunities for growth and advancement. My primary goal was to find an organization with a worthwhile mission in which I could also make an important contribution. Southern Research has uniquely fulfilled all of these criteria, providing an opportunity for me to further my career through contributing to scientific innovation that affects individuals’ daily lives in a positive way. Like the military, Southern Research highly values the people who work for our organization and make us feel as if we are part of a special family.”

David Cooke

Chief of Security & Emergency Response at Southern Research
Former Staff Sergeant U.S.Army

I understand that the transition away from full-time military service can be an intimidating process for you and your family. Having been out of the civilian workforce for several years, I was both excited and apprehensive at the thought of starting over again as a civilian. I was eager to begin a new chapter of my life but also very concerned that I would be throwing away all of those years of experience built while in the military. I didn’t just want a new job – I wanted the right job. Also, I was concerned about the long-term stability of potential employers due to weakness in the national economy. However, because of the diversity of research endeavors at Southern Research – as well as the longevity of the company – I felt confident that such an established, successful organization could provide me and my family with long-term stability. The transition to Southern Research has been very smooth and enjoyable. I honestly didn’t expect to find a civilian organization that cares so much about its employees. I am very pleased to be a part of the long history of success at Southern Research and encourage you to find out more about us.

Johnathan Poarch

Senior Information Technology Specialist at Southern Research
Former Staff Sergeant U.S.Army