Anatomic Pathology Services

In the intricate world of medical diagnosis, understanding the microscopic structure of tissues and organs is paramount to accurate diagnosis, treatment selection, and disease prognosis.


Unveiling the Microscopic Truth

Your Trusted Partner in Anatomic Pathology Testing

With a team of seasoned experts, we provide a comprehensive suite of anatomic pathology testing services, tailored to your specific needs. Our capabilities include:

GLP & Non-GLP Study Work at ABSL-1, 2, & 3


  • Limited and Full Panel Necropsy Evaluation and Collections including organ weights
    • Mouse, Rat, Cotton Rat, Hamster, Ferret, Rabbit, Canine, and NHP
    • Necropsy evaluation of rodent pups <Postnatal day 28
  • Specialized Collections For, But Not Limited to:
    • Histology (Fixative)
    • Immunohistochemistry (Fixative or OCT)
    • qPCR (Clean collection/snap frozen)
    • TCID50 (Clean collection/snap frozen)
    • Splenocyte (Clean collection/refrigerated solution)
  • Specialized Procedures:
    • Perfusion – manual, gravity, syringe pump, and peristaltic pump methods
    • Fresh brain sectioning
    • BALF Collections – rodents and ferrets
    • CSF Collections – canine
    • Internal/external parasite examinations
    • Laparohysterectomy – C-Sections; fetal, placental, and ovarian evaluations
    • Fetal exams – external analysis and fetal viscerals
    • Pregnancy determination for non-littered females (including staining with 10% ammonium sulfide)
  • Smear/Slide Preparations
    • Bone marrow smear slides (including fixation)
    • Vaginal cytology smear slides
    • MGWM rats ≤PND12 (including fixation and carmine alum staining)
  • Macroscopic Digital Photography


  • Full processing of full tissue panels to slide
  • Special processing/schedules available by request
  • Bone decalcification and processing to slideH&E staining/slide preparation
  • IHC staining/slide preparation
  • Special stains available upon request
  • Super block processing for tissues including NHP whole brain sections for neurovirulence evaluation
  • Microscopic Digital Photography

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Partner With Us

Let us be your trusted partner in unraveling the microscopic clues to disease. Our comprehensive anatomic pathology testing services, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality and patient care, make us the ideal partner for ensuring accurate diagnosis, guiding treatment decisions, and contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Contact us today to discuss your specific anatomic pathology testing needs and embark on a journey towards precision diagnosis and a healthier future.

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