Artificial Intelligence-Driven & Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Services

In the ever-evolving realm of drug discovery, traditional methods are often met with limitations. Our team stands as your trusted partner, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate and optimize your drug discovery journey, unlocking the potential for breakthroughs that save lives and improve healthcare globally.


Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

Your Trusted Partner in AI-Powered Solutions

As part of Southern Research’s integrated drug discovery platform, our scientists have successfully utilized big data mining, next-generation molecular modeling, and the latest AI technology to accelerate multiple drug discovery pipelines from therapeutic target discovery all the way towards clinical candidates. Our experts are experienced in providing in silico support to aid you solving the pain-points in your projects whether it is about the mechanism study, hit identification, or lead optimization. We leverage in-house generated experimental data to develop first-in-class and better-in-class AI-driven tools for the new era of drug discovery.

Our expertise encompasses:

1. Integrated Drug Discovery Platform:

  • Predictive and generative AI as well as other in silico tools to model potency, pharmacokinetics, and drug safety for facilitating the discovery and design of small molecules, biologics, and other novel drug modalities (e.g., PROTACs).
  • High-throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, bioanalysis, structural biology, in vitro and in vivo studies to complete the Design-Make-Test-Feedback cycle of AI drug discovery.
  • More than 50 successful in silico drug discovery use cases in oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, and other therapeutic areas

2. Solving Pain Points in Drug Discovery:

  • AI-enhanced molecular docking for more phenotypically relevant predictions to solve the pain-point of the discrepancy between protein-binding and phenotypical activity often seen in drug discovery.
  • AI-accelerated virtual screening for fast exploration of billion-scale chemical space to solve the pain-point of lack of ideal hits in a conventional campaign exploring million-scale chemical space.
  • Explainable AI models (our AI models are not used as a black box) for multiparametric lead optimization to solve the pain-point of low-efficient random analog enumeration due to insufficient rationale.

3. Drug Discovery for the New Era:

  • AI infrastructure and powerful cloud platforms (e.g., deep learning, large language models) supported by our technology team, strategic partners, and top vendors for supercomputing.
  • Insights on therapeutic targets provided by our data and clinical service teams for patient-centered drug development and AI-aided precision medicine.
  • AI drug discovery ideas advanced by our streamlined data-driven commercialization hub, Station 41.

Partner with Us for a Brighter Future of Medicine

Your Experts on AI Drug Discovery

Let us be your trusted partner in harnessing the transformative power of AI for drug discovery. Our proven AI-powered solutions, combined with our unwavering commitment to scientific excellence and client fulfillment, make us the ideal collaborator to accelerate your research, overcome challenges, and bring life-saving therapies to patients in need.

Contact us today to discuss your specific AI-powered drug discovery needs and embark on a journey towards a healthier and brighter future.

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