Charting a Course for the Next Era of Moving Science

Southern Research is a nonprofit scientific research organization founded in Birmingham in 1941. Throughout its legacy, Southern Research has helped shape modern cancer treatments, including developing 7 FDA-approved cancer drugs and testing more than half of active chemotherapies on the market. The organization conducted more than $35 million in coronavirus research alongside industry partners.


About Our Vision

We transform ideas into innovation that creates jobs and economic opportunity. Southern Research serves as a hub for economic development and job creation through translational scientific research performed by top technical talent.


Our People

Every member of our community of science plays a critical role in translational research. Our vibrant team of experts and professional staff are dedicated to driving scientific breakthroughs that improve our community and help heal the world.


Celebrating a Rich Legacy

Since 1941, we have worked to solve the world’s hardest problems. Our history of discovery spans from revolutionizing modern cancer treatments to finding solutions for cleaner air and water.

Where It Started

How Can We Help?

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