Southern Research

Corey A. Tyree, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Energy & Environment

P: 205-581-2102


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Corey Tyree, Ph.D., directs a team of scientists, engineers, and technicians focused on innovative technology solutions for clean energy, clean air, and clean water. Together we 1) develop new technology, 2) independently evaluate others’ technology, and 3) provide consulting services. Our areas of expertise include: water research, fourth-generation nuclear, combustion, carbon capture, and gas cleanup. Tyree has 14 years of diverse experience working in capacities ranging from R&D to engineering, and from power plant management to business development.

Prior to joining Southern Research, Tyree was the engineering manager at Georgia Power Company’s Plant Wansley and then, later, at Plant Bowen – two large coal-fired power plants in the Atlanta area. In those positions, he oversaw $30-50 million annual capital budgets that included projects designed to improve plant reliability and performance. He also served as the capital budget sponsor for Georgia Power, where he led a prioritization process and development of a budget totaling $2.5 billion. As manager, he implemented numerous initiatives to improve organization performance (e.g., developed new project management process, implemented improved Root Cause Analysis program, and redefined responsibilities of engineering staff).

Tyree also worked as a principal engineer for Southern Company in Birmingham, Alabama, where he led an R&D program focused on technology development for the control of coal-fired power plant emissions. His efforts focused on the control of NOx, SOx, mercury, selenium, metals, particulate, and wastewater. His primary focus was mercury emissions control; an effort that culminated in the co-development of an approximately $5 billion technology strategy designed to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) regulation. In addition to technology development and strategy, Tyree played an important role in representing industry during the rule-making process, which included working with industry peers to identify major errors in EPA’s draft rule.

His scientific record includes peer-reviewed publications, magazine articles, and presentations on a wide range of topics, ranging from mathematical solutions to mercury control, and from nanoparticle synthesis to sea salt aerosols. He has been invited to speak worldwide on electric utility related issues, and he actively consults on energy and environmental issues.

Tyree received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Kentucky and a doctorate in chemical engineering from Arizona State University.