Mark Ravera, Ph.D.

Director, Business Development, Drug Discovery

P: 609-226-0369


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Mark Ravera leads the business development function for Southern Research’s Drug Discovery division and the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance, a collaboration between Southern Research and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In this role, he leads efforts to out-license pipeline programs and establish research collaborations with industry.

He has extensive experience structuring and executing agreements covering small molecules and biologics with large pharma, biotech, and academia. For the past 16 years, he has held business development and consultant roles in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for companies that include Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Strategic Pharma Consulting Group, Defined Health, and Mehta Partners. He came to Southern Research in 2015 from Aurigene Discovery Technologies Inc. At Aurigene, he led all business development activities of the company including out-licensing of internal assets and structuring discovery and development collaborations with academic institutions.