Melinda Sosa

Manager of Data Management

P: 205-581-2440


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Melinda Sosa is the supervisor of the High Throughput Screening Center’s Informatics operations in Southern Research’s Drug Discovery division. She joined SR in 2001.  Since that time, she has established and maintained the HTS Informatics infrastructure and overseen the management of compound and biological data from the assay development phase, through the screening process, and on to confirmatory and SAR assays. Since 2006, the HTS Center has screened an average of 3.3 million compounds each year in biochemical, bacterial, cell-based, and antiviral assays.

Sosa’s key interests are in managing SR’s Oracle databases and facilitating the integration of various scientific data management systems. Prior to coming to SR, she supported grants and contract work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Center for AIDS Research and the Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is a member of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening and has recently been certified as a UNIFlow® LIMS Process Engineer.