Phanindra Venukadasula, Ph.D.

Scientist II

P: 205-581-2722


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Venukadasula earned his doctorate from the University of Kansas and his master’s from the University of Hyderabad, where his work involved the development of several phosphate-tether mediated one-pot metathesis processes and their application in synthesis of bio-active small molecules. At SR, his accomplishments include:  synthesis of a variety of target compounds; structure-activity relationships; and scientific findings shared via peer-reviewed publications and patent applications. One his major contributions is the identification of inhibitors of three proteases – matriptase, hepsin and HGFA, as potential anticancer agents. This work resulted in the only known small molecule inhibitor of HGFA. These inhibitors were also selective against off-target enzymes, such as thrombin and factor Xa. He worked on small molecule inducers of 14-3-3Ө expression as a potential therapy for Parkinson’s disease. Venukadasula designed and synthesized a series of compounds of which one analog has been identified as a potent lead compound, which is currently being pursued further. His current research involves the design, synthesis and development of small molecule inhibitors of HIV-Vif dimerization and inhibitors of Vif-mediated degradation of A3G as novel targets for development of HIV-targeted drugs.