Santosh Gangwal, Ph.D.

Director, Business Development

P: 919-282-1053


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Santosh Gangwal, Ph.D., has more than 38 years of experience and directs business development activities in renewable and fossil energy technologies for E&E. He has managed complex, multi-million dollar research programs totaling more than $50 million for government and private industry in: biomass and coal conversion to fuels and high-value chemicals; syngas cleaning; integrated gasification combined cycle; thermochemical energy storage; hydrogen production; CO2 capture; and waste heat conversion. Gangwal is an expert in gas solid and catalytic reactions, catalyst preparation and testing, and scale-up. He presently leads projects in compact catalytic reforming, selective Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, solar energy storage using alkaline earth metal composites, simultaneous water gas shift and CO2 capture, and solvent-based mild biomass liquefaction process. Other projects he has led involved the development of a high-pressure feeder for coal-biomass mixtures, a small scale gasification system for converting biomass/MSW to power and liquid fuels, and a deep desulfurization process for liquid fuels.

Prior to joining Southern Research, Gangwal worked for RTI International, where he pioneered the development of an internationally recognized syngas desulfurization and elemental sulfur recovery program that led to a warm syngas sorbent desulfurization technology demonstration at a commercial gasification facility. He has also worked at the Alberta Research Council as lead engineer for the design, construction, and testing of a high-pressure 10 kg/h coal hydro-pyrolysis reactor system.

Gangwal received a Bachelor of Technology with Honors degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Waterloo. He has authored 13 issued patents, 2 pending patents, and more than 200 journal articles and conference proceedings.