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Vijaya Sambandam joined the Drug Development division of Southern Research in 2005 as an advanced biologist. During her tenure in Drug Development, she attained proficiency in cell-based multiplex assays in 96-well and 384-well format. There, she established an in-house neurosphere culture system to study the proliferation of neural stem cells.  Sambandam joined the Drug Discovery division in 2010, where she has since designed and developed a plate-based assay for lactate output to study the Warburg’s effect in tumor cell-lines.

Currently, in Rebecca Boohaker’s lab, Vijaya is involved in evaluation of immune check point inhibitors in cell-based system and flow cytometric methods to study immune population changes. She has also pioneered efforts to establish microfluidics co-culture models to study lymphocyte trafficking into tumor environments.

Sambandam received her B.S. in chemistry and M.S. in biology from India.