Cell Biology and Immunology Services

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The Cell Biology and Immunology Laboratory (CBI) offers two core services:

  • Ligand binding assay (LBA) development and validation
  • Development of cellular assays supporting drug discovery and regulated studies

The laboratory has extensive experience in LBA and cellular assays supporting non-clinical and clinical studies testing immunomodulatory therapeutics and vaccines. Additional expertise includes biomarker assessment and immune cell functional studies. Southern Research offers a collaborative approach to designing and executing the methods supporting non-clinical or clinical client programs. Southern Research’s senior scientists have more than 25 years of combined industry experience which includes executing more than 300 studies.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom assay development of cellular and ligand binding assays
  • ELISAs
    • Pharmacokinetic
    • Anti-Drug Antibody (Screening, Titer, Isotyping, Neutralizing)
    • Non-Clinical and clinical trial support
  • T- and B-cell functional and lymphoproliferation assays
  • Natural Killer Cell (NK) assays
  • Macrophage function assays
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Multiplexed cytokine analysis
  • Magnetic cell separation and purification
  • Flow cytometry
    • Th1/Th2 studies
    • Immunophenotyping
    • Intracellular cytokine
    • Cell analysis

How To Work With Us

As a CRO service provider, Southern Research’s Drug Development division has a straightforward business model. Contact our business development representative by clicking here. A confidentiality disclosure agreement will be initiated (your agreement or ours) to facilitate detailed discussions around your specific needs. One of our subject matter experts will be brought into the discussion to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your project. A proposal will then be prepared, outlining the tasks to be accomplished, along with a budget and timeline. Upon acceptance of the proposal, a contract will be provided to establish the legal framework for the project.