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Clean technologies represent possibility – ideas that have the potential to benefit global energy consumption, health, and economies while reducing negative environmental impacts across the board.

As the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, innovators and users need trustworthy data to understand impacts on sustainability goals, reduce investment and deployment risks, and ensure that clean solutions are going to have a truly positive impact on the environment. That’s why Southern Research offers Clean Technology Verification and Evaluation services – to help you perfect and deploy your technologies that have the power to change the world. Work with us today.

Why choose Southern Research?

One of SR’s core strengths is our neutrality: we serve as an independent, third-party expert that can provide insight into the potential impacts, benefits and value of innovative technology.

Our group has independently evaluated over 100 clean technologies for clean water, clean energy, greenhouse gas mitigation, transportation, and industrial processes to provide high quality data to decision makers for over 20 years. We’re certified ISO 9001 for quality systems management, and we’re the first verification body in the U.S. to be accredited to perform ISO 14034 environmental technology verifications – a standard that we helped develop.

Our Work

At Southern Research, we offer due diligence and feasibility studies, real-world field testing, and lab- and pilot-scale evaluation of technologies that result in usable data for technologies that are near commercial or commercial ready. Our evaluations look into potential impacts of technology deployment for technologies that are new to the market, as well as technologies for which testing or product certification standards have not yet been developed.

Our group also evaluates the sustainability impacts of cleantech, investments, policies, and programs, using consensus metrics and approaches. We work to provide techno-economic evaluations and lifecycle emissions assessments for new innovations, as well as greenhouse gas emission inventories and assessments so you can be sure your innovations are both environmentally efficient and economically sustainable.

Clean Technology and Sustainability Initiatives

We’re working on new initiatives to evaluate clean technology innovations and analyze their impact on the environment; promote sustainable development and economic growth; and work with organizational partners to provide long-term environmental, health, and economic benefits for all with new and novel approaches to sustainability.

We would love to partner with you to support and further develop these initiatives. By broadening their potential impact and driving implementation of innovative technologies, we can achieve critical sustainable development goals and address carbon mitigation targets and clean energy utilization.

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