Focus & Recent Advancements

Modern life depends upon access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. Nuclear energy’s role is increasingly recognized as indispensable for achieving ambitious clean energy goals. While our aging fleet of light water reactors have performed admirably, we can do much better. Southern Research is working to usher in the next generation of innovative nuclear reactor designs that are simpler than their predecessors and benefit from over half a century of experience. We are actively engaged with our partners in the burgeoning advanced nuclear industry to make this a reality. We will help fuel the engines of economic prosperity by pulling these advanced technologies out of laboratories to supply a range of energy services.

Capabilities and Expertise

SR has developed a new business focused on generative IV nuclear power systems. Our experts are working with our partners to ensure a new generation of nuclear power systems, capable of providing safe, affordable 24/7 emission-free energy. We have the capability to independently validate new technologies, develop new technologies, and consult on a wide-range of topics (e.g. investor due diligence, nuclear licensing or proliferation topics, market analysis, techno-economic analysis, lifecycle assessment, benchmarking). Our work in these areas leverages our experience in a variety of fields including conceptual engineering design, economic modeling, instrument and control technology validation, corrosion modeling, and high temperature materials development and testing.