Focus & Recent Advancements

At Southern Research, we’re developing technologies for generating energy and recovering valuable resources from waste streams and other non-traditional sources.

Our geothermal resource recovery process concentrates lithium and other minerals from hot underground brine streams, and can generate electricity at the same time. We’ve also developed processes for recovering rare earth elements from coal ash. Rare earth elements are important for magnets, catalysts for chemical production and air pollution control, satellite communications, electronics, fuel cells, and defense systems. We will continue to search for opportunities to recover value and realize environmental benefits through development of under-utilized sources.

Capabilities and Expertise

Turning waste into value. Southern Research is developing technologies to recover valuable metals, nutrients, and even produce power from various waste streams. Our engineers and scientists seek opportunities to turn trash into treasure. We focus on a wide variety of waste streams and an array of potential products, including:

  • rare earth elements from brines, coal ash, and other waste streams
  • valuable metals like lithium from brines and wastewaters
  • power from waste heat, including exhaust gases and geothermal brines
  • nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium) from agricultural and industrial waste streams

We work with partners and clients to :

  • Evaluate negative and low value waste streams and byproducts to determine potential value-added products
  • Identify and evaluate technological solutions for recovering value from waste streams
    Develop innovative solutions for recovering valuable resources