Category: Elementary Outreach Experiences

Adventures in the Amazon

Hands on activity. Join us as we adventure into the Amazon Rainforest, with introductions to environmental science and how biomimicry is used in everyday life, including a hands-on slime extravaganza!

Acids, Bases, and Ocean Acidification

Small-scale demonstration. Using a homemade pH indicator, students generate hypotheses and examine the acidic and basic properties of a variety of household items. This provides the conceptual framework for students to then participate in an inquiry-driven activity exploring ocean acidification.

Career Day

Do you have a classroom full of students dreaming of a career in science? Invite a scientist from Southern Research to come be a part of your Career Day! We would love to share what inspired us to become scientists and the path we took to get there.

Science Demo Show

We heat things up in the first half of our science show with the basics of chemical reactions. We explore exothermic and combustion reactions, and we discuss energy transformation with fire experiments and elephant toothpaste. Students discover the science behind the “BOOM” as we walk them through the main ingredients of combustion—energy, fuel and oxygen. In the second half of our science show, we investigate the properties of liquid nitrogen and its effect on phases of matter. We end the show with a big bang, and our love of science will surely rain down on all your students!

The Magic of Static Electricity









Hands-on activity & small-scale demonstration. Through a series of hands-on experiments, students investigate the characteristics of static electricity. We then discuss how static electricity is generated through the use of a Van de Graaff generator.

DNA Extraction











Hands-on activity. Join us as we search for the buried treasure: DNA! Students will learn about the properties of DNA and how we can use household items to extract DNA from fruit.

Wacky Waving Wands

Hands-on activity. Students learn the concept of open and closed circuits through the design of a magical LED wand. We explore insulators, conductors, and the flow of electricity in this hands-on activity.