Category: In-Class Demonstrations

Engage your students in exciting, hands-on STEM activities and small-scale demonstrations. We can do multiple sessions of any of the choices below in a single school day.

Acids, Bases, and Ocean Acidification

Small-scale demonstration. Using a homemade pH indicator, students generate hypotheses and examine the acidic and basic properties of a variety of household items. This provides the conceptual framework for students to then participate in an inquiry-driven activity exploring ocean acidification.

The Magic of Static Electricity









Hands-on activity & small-scale demonstration. Through a series of hands-on experiments, students investigate the characteristics of static electricity. We then discuss how static electricity is generated through the use of a Van de Graaff generator.

DNA Extraction











Hands-on activity. Join us as we search for the buried treasure: DNA! Students will learn about the properties of DNA and how we can use household items to extract DNA from fruit.

Wacky Waving Wands

Hands-on activity. Students learn the concept of open and closed circuits through the design of a magical LED wand. We explore insulators, conductors, and the flow of electricity in this hands-on activity.