In 2014, Southern Research formed an initiative to develop new medical devices to improve healthcare in the U.S. and around the globe. SR’s Medical Technology program combines the research and discovery expertise of Southern Research scientists and engineers with entrepreneurs and clinicians. Together, we take a patient-centric approach to medical technology development in diverse areas, including rehabilitation engineering, orthopedics, trauma, ophthalmology, and cardiology.


How To Work With Us

Southern Research’s medical device division welcomes collaboration opportunities with both academic and industrial partners. SR has a fail-fast approach to developing new technologies, where we quickly assign resources to promising ideas while constantly reviewing scientific and market data. We are always searching for new ideas, as well as collaboration/licensing opportunities. Please contact SR to schedule a discussion.

Academic/Clinical Collaborations
We encourage faculty and clinical staff to contact us to discuss their medical device ideas. We can offer advice about, and provide resources for, the commercial, technical, and patent development for your idea.

Industrial Collaborations
SR made its first seed investment in August 2014, and since then, more than a dozen projects have received funding. SR is willing to develop medical technologies in any areas, but we focus on Orthopedics, Trauma, Rehabilitation Engineering, Cardiology, and Ophthalmology. We welcome partnerships with industry, including funded product development collaborations, product evaluations, or full licensing agreements.

Consulting Services
Southern Research’s experts can be accessed through consulting arrangements when our input is needed to design studies, provide third-party review of data, conduct due diligence analysis, or provide technical input. We have experts available in medical devices in areas of:

  • Biomaterials, such as polymers, resorbables, and biologicals
  • Medical coatings and processes, including hydrophilic, hemocompatible, and drug-eluting
  • Combination products
  • Device design, prototyping, and testing
  • Pre-clinical evaluations

Engage Southern Research, and benefit from decades of experience in product development.