High-Throughput Screening Services

In the dynamic world of drug discovery, accelerating the identification of promising drug candidates is crucial to bringing life-saving therapies to patients faster. We stand as your trusted partner, offering comprehensive high-throughput screening (HTS) services to unlock the hidden potential of vast compound libraries and accelerate your journey to breakthrough discoveries.


Unveiling the Hidden Potential

Your Trusted Partner in High-Throughput Screening

The Southern Research High-Throughput Screening Center supports therapeutic discovery by aiding in the identification and characterization of pharmacologically active compounds. We partner with industry, government, and academic clients to provide assay development, screening, and data management. We support a wide range of in vitro assay formats and readouts, allowing the investigation of a variety of target classes. Our services are comprehensive as we house and maintain a small molecule collection of over 650,000 compounds (including FDA-approved and known biologically active compounds), and we provide full compound management support.

Combined with our organizational expertise in computer-aided drug design and medicinal chemistry, we can support your program by identifying initial chemical matter and running primary and secondary assays to advance to later discovery stages. We believe in developing and applying the assays that best reflect the biology you are studying, increasing your odds of translating your discoveries to the clinic.

Our expertise encompasses:

1. Robust and Customized Assay Development:

  • Design and develop robust and reproducible assays for your target of interest, utilizing various biophysical, biochemical, and cell-based methodologies.
  • Customize assays to your specific requirements, considering target relevance, throughput, and sensitivity.

2. High-Throughput Automation and Screening:

  • Leverage advanced robotic platforms and sophisticated automation technologies to screen millions of compounds in a rapid and efficient manner.
  • Implement high-quality controls and data acquisition systems to ensure the accuracy and reliability of screening results.

3. Hit Identification and Prioritization:

  • Employ sophisticated data analysis tools and machine learning algorithms to identify promising hit compounds from the vast library screened.
  • Prioritize hits based on potency, selectivity, and other relevant parameters to guide further optimization and development.

4. Hit Confirmation and Characterization:

  • Confirm the activity and specificity of hit compounds through orthogonal assays and biochemical characterization.
  • Support confirmation and validation for virtual and DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening hits.
  • Elucidate the mechanism of action of promising hits to guide lead optimization and development strategies.

5. Lead Optimization and Candidate Selection:

  • Utilize structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis and computational modeling to optimize lead compounds for improved potency, selectivity, and other desired properties.
  • Select the most promising lead candidate for further preclinical and clinical development.


Southern Research’s ability to screen infectious agents requiring BSL-3 containment is unique among HTS centers. Our efforts significantly contributed to the fight against Covid-19, and we are continuously adding to our antiviral assay offerings.





Our HTS Center was one of ten centers selected to serve in the Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network (MLSCN) as part of the Molecular Libraries Initiative component of the NIH roadmap. During the last ten years, the SR HTS team has worked on over 100 campaigns employing more than 300 distinct assays returning results for more than 22 million samples.

Consultative Solutions

Our collaborators and clients have direct access to subject matter experts and others involved in their projects. We want to provide you with the best solution, which equates to the development of biologically relevant assays and the delivery of quality data. We take time to understand your needs to ensure your project is designed to meet those needs.


We will assist you in designing studies that rigorously test your hypotheses and determine if milestones can be confidently met. We can structure your project to proceed based on go/no-go checkpoints through multiple stages of discovery, including target identification to preclinical studies. We can also operate through a blinded fashion, providing in vitro assay support for client-supplied compounds, allowing you to gain valuable insight into the activity of your compounds that are being profiled.


The SR Difference

We understand the critical importance of high-quality data and efficient workflows in high-throughput screening. Our laboratories adhere to the highest standards of quality control and employ robust data management systems to ensure the integrity and reliability of your screening results. We maintain open communication and collaboration with our clients, ensuring every aspect of the HTS process aligns seamlessly with your research goals and development timelines.

Our Experts

Paige N. Vinson, Ph.D.

Director, High-Throughput Screening

Partner With Us

Let us be your trusted partner in accelerating your drug discovery journey. Our comprehensive HTS services, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality and collaboration, make us the ideal partner to help you identify promising drug candidates faster, unlock the potential of your research, and bring innovative therapies to patients sooner.

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