Kevin Walters, Ph.D.


P: 301-228-2176


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As a scientist within the Infectious Disease Research group, Kevin Walters, Ph.D., provides expertise in the field of virology, with a special emphasis on animal models of infectious diseases, including influenza, Zika, yellow fever, chikungunya, coxsackie, and polio viruses. He develops assays to support animal models of infectious disease, and he serves as a subject matter expert and point of contact for clients regarding laboratory capabilities and activities.

Before joining Southern Research in 2015, Walters was an associate scientist and postdoctoral research associate at the Influenza Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, he identified novel amino acid substitutions in HPAI viruses that increased virus replication in mammalian model systems, and he worked with a consortium of virologists and bioinformaticians to develop a comprehensive understanding of the host response to viruses that cause lethal infections in humans. Additionally, he led efforts to map host responses to influenza virus infection in human cells and animal models.

Walters is co-author on 13 publications and 20 abstracts. He earned his doctorate in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin, and he earned his Bachelor of Science in molecular biology from Purdue University.