At SR we have dedicated ourselves to our mission of solving the world’s hardest problems. That is why in June 2016, we launched the Employee Give Campaign with the objective to build upon our capabilities to forge innovation from within SR. Using the power of 100% employee participation, we seek to raise one million dollars by 2021 to invest in innovative research ideas.

Help us reach 100% participation and 100% of our goal by June 2021! Please give what you can, but most importantly, please participate at some level. Every pledge matters! Gifts can be made through payroll deduction, credit card, check or cash. Simply fill in the pledge card below.

Pledge Card

Pledge Card

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  • I authorize payroll deduction in the amount below, per 24 biweekly pay periods. (If "Other," indicate amount per period.)
  • Please check the box below that applies to the duration of your support
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Employee Give Committee


Innovation Grand Challenge

Thank you for your generous contribution to the Employee Give Campaign. Last year, SR was able to invest $150,000 back into three research programs through the Innovation Grand Challenge. Your support has allowed these projects to receive internal funding that will help their novel ideas become a reality.

2019 Innovation Grand Challenge Awardees:

  • Seth Cohen- Engineering Systems Development
  • Nathan Fisher- Novel Therapies for Sepsis
  • Susan Schader- HIV Research


Is the gift tax deductible?

Yes, 100%.  Employees that have chosen payroll deduction will receive a receipt for tax purposes in January 2017.  Employees who make a one-time gift will receive a letter for tax purposes 1-2 weeks after the gift has been made.

Can I change the amount of my gift from year-to-year?

Yes.  Employees are not obligated to the same amount each year.  An employee may increase or decrease the amount of their gift at any given time in the five year period.

Can I make a gift with a credit card?

Yes. To make a donation with a credit card, please call Brynne MacCann x2276. We accept Visa and MasterCard.  We do not accept American Express.

Is an employee obligated to continue paying off a pledge if they leave SR?

There will be an option to pay off the pledge, however, there is no obligation.

Why I Give

Our story begins in August 1996, when my son Allen was just 3. Though he was born with Down Syndrome, Allen was a healthy child until Acute Lymphatic Leukemia (ALL) struck. My wife, Pam, and I were terrified when the doctor diagnosed ALL. The chemotherapy, however, restored our hope.

Allen’s treatment included doses of methotrexate, 6-Mercaptopurine (6-MP), and Leucoveron — three medicines that SR played a prominent role in developing.

It wasn’t until later that I began to understand that SR’s groundbreaking work on chemotherapy had played an even more significant underlying role in Allen’s treatment. That’s because our scientists led by Howard Skipper decades earlier had established many of the principles that paved the way for effective chemotherapy that essentially led to the cure for leukemia.

I am taking this opportunity to thank my colleagues and remind them that without their work, our son would still be in tremendous pain, battling a disease that could have taken his life.  We are forever grateful for the hard work and dedication of SR’s team of researchers.

My 23-year-old son, Allen, is alive today thanks to the pioneering work of Southern Research scientists who discovered the fundamentals of chemotherapy and helped developed the drugs used in his treatment. Today, Allen attends an adult special-needs program three times a week, where he can enjoy art and music. He remains cancer-free.  This is why I give.

I hope each of you will consider giving.  It doesn’t matter the size of the gift, it only matters that you provide support.  Our gifts combined could lead to the next breakthrough that could save the life of a loved one.


-Jim Tucker