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Southern Research’s Corey Tyree Helps Alabama Municipalities and Companies Become Environmental Stewards

June 26, 2015

Corey Tyree, Ph.D, Southern Research’s new director of energy and environment for Alabama, is charged with helping their municipal and corporate customers meet federal and state environmental regulations and improve Alabama’s air and water quality along the way.

Tyree’s team of engineers and technicians develop sophisticated technology that can keep cities, county governments and companies compliant¬¬ –– and that saves Southern Research customers plenty of cash.

That’s because local governments and corporations can be faced with millions of dollars in fines and legal expenses if they don’t abide by environmental laws.

“We help our customers balance their business objectives with environmental stewardship,” Tyree said. “That’s not an easy task since that often requires us to come up with new ways for factories, coal plants, or city water facilities to keep the air and water clean. But we save our customers money and that provides an important value.”

It’s a critically important role considering that more than 4.8 million people breathe the air and drink the water in Alabama.

Alabama is also one of the most biologically diverse states in the country with 4,533 different species of wildlife and plants that need to be protected.

Tyree and his team specialize in these areas: water, analytical services, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts, mercury control, coal combustion, carbon capture, and carbon sequestration.

Tyree came to Southern Research from Georgia Power, where he was engineering manager at Plant Bowen near Cartersville, Georgia.
Before that, he was engineering manager at Georgia Power’s Howell B. Wansley Power Plant in Heard County, Georgia.

Tyree also worked as principal engineer with Southern Company, where he was responsible for emission control technology development.

“Corporate and governmental responsibility –– especially when it comes to the environment –– is critically important in this day and age,” Tyree said. “It impacts our customers image, their reputation and their ability to do business with others.”

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