80+ Years of Drug Development Expertise

Are you ready to take your drug candidate to the next level with a trusted, collaborative CRO partner? Rather than managing multiple vendors and timelines, partner with Southern Research and make the most of our integrated IND-enabling drug discovery and development package, ascIND.

Southern Research is a nonprofit, preclinical drug development organization with more than 80 years of experience developing and advancing revolutionary drugs and treatments. We have the comprehensive services necessary to get your drug candidate to the clinic quickly and efficiently, whether you have a validated target or an existing lead candidate.

The ascIND Difference

  • A dedicated project manager for a single point of contact across all areas
  • An accelerated drug development timeline with a single vendor
  • Partnership with a collaborative team of experienced scientists and regulatory experts who are committed to your success
  • Regular check-ins with SME team on progress and troubleshooting
  • Lowered risk of failure in clinical trials
  • Increased chance of success in securing funding from investors or partners

Our team of experienced scientists and regulatory experts will work closely with you to develop a customized IND-enabling drug development plan that meets your specific needs and budget. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services and support to help you achieve your drug development goals.

ascIND includes all the essential preclinical studies to advance your program to an FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) application:

High-Throughput Screening

  • Diverse and focused libraries of more than 650,000 small molecule compounds with 180,000 new hand-selected compounds (90k in house, 90k coming in 2024)
  • Library prioritized for activity and ADME properties
  • Miniaturizing of assays for HTS compatibility

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Small molecule SAR
  • Nucleoside expertise
  • Can run multiple series in parallel for lead and backup candidate selection

ADME, PK, & Biodistribution

  • Solubility and microsomal stability (liver microsomes, plasma, hepatocytes) data for every analog
  • Cyp inhibition, hERG, metID, PPB, CaCo-2 permeability, and LogD data for lead analogs

Computer-Aided Drug Design

  • Hit identification and lead optimization (binding specificity, phenotypic activity, pharmacokinetics, and drug safety) using proprietary models trained on millions of in-house data points
  • Integrated in silico approaches for virtual screening library assembling and triage of hits
  • Integrated in silico approaches to support mechanism studies and drug target identification

Structural Biology

  • Co-crystallization of hit or lead compounds with target protein

In Vitro Assay Development and Testing

  •  Assay development for mechanism of action determination of small molecules and peptides
  •  SAR driving assays

In Vivo Efficacy and Proof-of-Concept

  • Small animal PK, MTD, biodistribution, efficacy testing (model dependent) on lead compounds
  • Tailored immune signaling panels
  • 58 active cancer models

Non-GLP & GLP Toxicology

  • Non-GLP tests for safety and tolerability, including rapid in vivo PK and biodistribution testing
  • GLP toxicology tests required for IND application in small and large in vivo models
  • Ability to conduct complex testing, including specialized capabilities in neurovirulence, A/BSL-3 studies, and DART studies

Our Experts

Joseph Randall, Ph.D.

Director of Toxicology

Omar Moukha-Chafiq, Ph.D.

Director of Chemistry

Sixue Zhang, Ph.D.

Computer-Aided Drug Discovery

Paige N. Vinson, Ph.D.

Director, High-Throughput Screening

Corinne E.
Augelli-Szafran, Ph.D.

Vice President of Scientific Platforms

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Learn more about ascIND and how the experts at Southern Research can help you get your drug candidate into the clinic efficiently and effectively.

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