Cancer Research, Drug Development

Helping clients with Immuno-Oncology research

March 27, 2017

Since Southern Research received its first contributions for cancer research in 1946, our scientists have been working independently and with U.S. government and commercial clients to understand and work toward cures for various cancers. During the organization’s 71-year history fighting this devastating disease, Southern Research has endeavored to stay on the front of this challenge. This commitment has led to the development of the first quantitative tumor models, the log-kill model, combination chemotherapy, and the discovery of seven approved chemotherapeutic drugs. Our Drug Development team has built a well-established reputation as a pioneer in anticancer drug development, having evaluated half of all FDA-approved anticancer drugs currently on the market. And we continue to evaluate hundreds more compounds annually to establish the in vitro biochemical effects and in vivo efficacy of potential new anticancer drugs.

The world’s “newest” tool helping to eliminate cancer is the human immune system. Southern Research is committed to helping clients working in the Immuno-Oncology realm the same way we have helped the cancer research community for the past seven decades. The first of our Immunology-Oncology models was presented at the 2016 Immuno-Oncology Summit in Boston. Since then, our efforts have continued. If you plan to attend the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C., our drug development scientists will be waiting to talk with you at the Southern Research booth, #2423, about our anticancer efficacy services.


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