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We help businesses, communities, regions, and states compete in the innovation economy by crafting and implementing technology based economic development strategies.

Our communities face tremendous economic change due to globalization and technological innovation.  As a result of these changes, many communities lost high-paying manufacturing jobs. Traditional economic development strategies have been unable to bring back those lost jobs. Faced with these new realities, communities must decide whether to simply ‘pedal harder’ or try a new approach that makes them the beneficiary, not the victim, of these disruptions. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological change are the new engines of job creation and growth; Southern Research clients recognize this and count on us to help them shift away from industrial recruitment strategies and focus their resources on technology based economic development strategies.


What We Do

We help clients develop and implement technology based economic development strategies. Our services span the range of activities necessary to build and sustain a competitive innovation ecosystem. Many clients are just beginning to pivot away from industrial recruitment to technology based economic development strategies. In this situation, we work with you to rationalize and set investment priorities. We assess and value local and regional innovation assets to help you prioritize and build upon your strengths. We provide you specific, unbiased strategy recommendations that draw upon deep technical expertise and decades of experience leading innovation teams made up of industry, academics, and non-profits.

Other clients are further along in their journey to build and sustain a competitive innovation ecosystem. In this case, Southern Research works with clients to amplify and improve the efficiency of current technology-based economic development strategies. An ambitious, business-minded approach is required to help projects that may have not realized their full potential. Southern Research brings our own distinctive, innovative approach to energizing your economy.


New Beginnings

For clients used to traditional economic development strategies, development and implementation of technology based economic development strategies is a daunting task. While many of the leading innovation economies share common traits (e.g. talented workforce, entrepreneurial spirit, strong education, high levels of startup activity, etc.), the specifics vary tremendously from region to region. And for your region to get started, you need specific, actionable strategies that can put your region on a path to competitiveness. Many of our clients come to Southern Research to help them begin the process of creating and implementing technology based economic strategies. For clients in this situation, we know it’s important to provide them with specific, actionable strategies that can lead to real progress. We have decades of experience leading innovation and technology development teams. In short, we know what works and we’ll bring those same lessons learned to help put your community on the path to competitiveness. We will help you define sector-specific growth strategies. We help your community identify the kinds of investments that can unlock potential new markets. We identify relevant funding opportunities and help you compete for funds through concept development and partnering. We all have to start somewhere and Southern Research is the kind of business built to help others get started!


Building an Ecosystem

For clients ready to turn strategy into action, Southern Research specializes in implementation. We experimental, fail-fast-succeed-fast approach to building provides clients with the sort of action-oriented approach that provides clients with the quick results they are looking for. We offer a holistic, inclusive approach to building out an ecosystem that helps your economy enter new markets and build on its unique assets. Example services include fundraising, supporting the investment decision-making process, project implementation, project management, independent project audits, training, and workshop facilitation.


Refining an Ecosystem

Many clients are further along in their journey to a strong innovation economy. But they may view their current level of activity as inefficient or under-achieving. Southern Research has studied the leading economic regions and we understand what works and what does not work. We offer quick approach to identifying improvements and helping your team benefit from the decades of experience our team has in leading innovation teams and studying world-class innovation ecosystems.

Recent examples of our work in this area include:

  • Development of a new market The Prosperity Fund concept for four counties in Alabama, negatively impacted by the downturn in the coal industry. Southern Research developed the concept and is implementing the solution over a 3 year period. This award-winning program is built on strong collaboration with the communities the program serves and deep
  • Strategy development for a rural region of the U.S. who had low levels of entrepreneurial activity that had been steadily decreasing for more than a decade. We assessed the existing resources (universities, entrepreneurial resources, etc.) and developed a comprehensive plan for the region. This engagement included meeting with a wide range of stakeholders, detailed analytics to determine what was and was not working.
  • Development of a concept to engage entrepreneurs at universities, non-profit research laboratories, and national laboratories to improve the historically low commercialization levels associated with R&D activities at those institutions.


Meet Our Team

We know that many organizations and communities are looking to create the kind of economic growth that leads to jobs, diversification, and resiliency. But growth requires the right strategy, the right implementation team, and a total commitment to winning. Our clients count on Southern Research to identify and pursue their biggest, most ambitious opportunities. We help you grow by charting a clear path and getting your project over the line.


Southern ResearchCorey Tyree | Founder of The Prosperity Fund

Corey helps clients create and implement growth strategies. He brings experience in different sectors (e.g. electric power, automotive, agriculture, chemicals, mining) and diverse functional skills (e.g. analytics, operations, business turnaround, strategy). Through his work with The Prosperity Fund and Southern Research, he is helping clients by taking an entrepreneurial approach to improving regional economies.

Corey holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and received his bachelors of chemical engineering from the University of Kentucky. He currently serves as SR’s Director of Energy and Environment, and previously served as the engineering manager at Georgia Power Company and the principal engineer at Southern Company Services.







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